Tamariki School

Tamariki Society

The Society meets monthly during term time, usually on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. We encourage all parents to attend.

Board of Trustees AND a Society

At Tamariki We have a Board of Trustees which manage some of the School's higher management needs and governence. 

We also have a Society - this Society is a cruital part of our school and is what makes us different to a regular schol. We own our land and buildings and we need to maintian these. The Society collects donations which go towards paying our support staff . This is critial to the running of our school as we have a higher teacher/Adult-to-child ratio than a regular school. 


Critial to the running of our school is the function of the Society to protect and maintain our Special Character (as outlined in the Special Character Statement). We value it highly when parents come along to the Society Meeetings and become active in understanding the Special Character and contribute towards maintiaining and protecting it.

The Tamariki Society—The Owners

The Tamariki School Incorporated Society owns the school and all current parents are automatic members (other people who are interested can apply to join). The Society is a charity and is often legally referred to as the Proprietor. In 1990, the Society entered into an Integration Agreement with the Ministry of Education to provide schooling with a special character within the national education system.

The Society has a responsibility to maintain the Special Character of the school and to encourage the understanding of this amongst the school community. It is also responsible for capital works and long-term maintenance on the school buildings and grounds – we receive partial funding from the Ministry for this. Families enrolled at the school are charged attendance dues and requested to make donations to adequately enable the Society and Board of Trustees to carry out these obligations.

The Society meets monthly during term time, usually on the second Wednesday of the month at 7 pm. We encourage all parents to attend. Officers are elected annually to the Society at the Annual General Meeting (normally in April). You are strongly invited to join the committee.

The Society appoints two representatives to the Board of Trustees and these Proprietor’s Representatives participate as full board members with particular responsibility for seeing that the school operates within the Special Character.

From time to time, special general meetings of the Society may be called to discuss any major changes envisaged in the school, or any philosophical issues or problems that a parent would like discussed. All members of the community have the right to call such meetings. 


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