Tamariki School

Down Time

We don't have structured lunch and interval times at Tamariki School There may be periods of time in the day where the students will choose to take some time out, and have lunch, or take a break, in the same way that students in a more conventional school would during lunchtime, or interval.

We respect the children to choose when they need to take a break. We give them space to decide when they need to take some time or do less active persuits. We are aware that some students may have been intensely engaged in activites for hours/days/weeks, and know they are in tune with their own needs to recharge their batteries.

It is also important to note that even when the students are not actively engaged in an activity they are still learning. They are learning about self care and taking time out. They are learning about remembering to eat and look after their body. They are learning about social skills and how to chat and socialise with others.


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