Tamariki School

Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees—The Governors

The Board of Trustees is a Crown entity and is responsible for the governance of the school. The role as a trustee, is to ensure that Tamariki is run in the best interests of the students and the community. The Board acts to set policy guidelines and goals for the Principal and Staff and monitors progress and compliance. The government pays our teacher’s salaries directly to them and provides the Board with an operation grant and a minimal level of maintenance funding. The donations paid by school families and collected by the Society, are passed onto the Board to help fund the Special Character of the school e.g. to employ teacher aides to ensure that we have a high adult-to-child ratio and can provide adequate supervision throughout the school, given the range of activities that can be going on at any one time.

The Board normally has seven members… Three members are elected to the Board by the parents every three years. Two members are appointed by the Tamariki Society as Proprietor’s Representatives and hold their positions for a term set by the Society. A staff member is selected as Staff Rep on the Board every three years. The Principal is an ex officio member. The Office Administrator also attends as minutes secretary but is not a member of the Board.

You are welcome at all Board meetings, which are held at school, generally on the third Tuesday of each month. The dates are publicised in the newsletter. Meeting’s minutes are posted on the website after each meeting.

Principal and Staff—The Manager and Delivery Team

The Principal is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school and works with the staff to ensure that the environment at Tamariki supports your child to develop and to experience the world around them. Each teacher has a group of children allocated to them (normally those that they work with). The teacher will take responsibility for the learning portfolios of these children and offers their parents regular interviews. All teachers are able to write up observations /Learning Stories for any child.

The teaching staff meet together each morning and on Friday afternoons to share what is happening for the children.

Staff are chosen very carefully, and the most important criterion is their whole-hearted support for the School’s Special Character. Our qualified teachers are paid by the Ministry of Education at standard nationally set levels. In order to have a satisfactory child-adult ratio, additional staff are employed and are paid for by your donations.

We also have a part time Administration Officer, to handle our income and payments on a day-to-day basis, fee arrangements, coordinate activities, new parent talks, etc.

Our playground supervisor is responsible for the safe and productive operation of our major physical resource, the playground, and along with the Principal, is the most useful person to check things out with.

Several of our staff do not work full time, and take a regular afternoon or day off.

Our full-time Principal is responsible for managing the school and normally teaches in the mornings. The role includes spending time with parents and staff as well as kids, organising the curriculum and the programme, keeping records and generally taking responsibility for the kind of life you and your children have here within the guidelines of Board policy. Talking with parents is a major focus so please approach her, no matter how trivial you are afraid your concern may be. If the principal can’t talk to you immediately, make an appointment.

Ministry of Education

We are in partnership with MOE to provide our special character education. The school needs to meet the national educational guidelines and is reviewed by ERO (Education Review Office) on a regular basis. 

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