Tamariki School

About Us

Tamariki focuses on supporting each child’s developmental pattern and passes on more than just academic learning. We provide a meaningful education and this is evidenced by the fact that some of our children are the children of past students.

Key aspects of the school are:

- Learning through play.

- Our Special Character

- The Meeting System

Pupils and Staff


Tamariki School has a maximum roll of 60 students, a mixture of 5-13 year olds of both genders.

We have multi generations of families involved in the school, with ex-students bringing ther own children along as new students, and ex-parents interacting  with the school in the role of grandparents. As well as new parents who love our philosophy and choose Tamariki for their children.

We have ex-pupils and ex-parents who share their view of Tamariki school - Testimonials


Di Scullin is our Principal and works mainly with the older children who are heading off to High school.

Alison Brizzell is our learning story expert, loves choreographing dances for our annual concert and facilitating our 10 O’clock classes.

Paul Jenkins is our resident artist, movie maker and poet. He offers Art and other activites twice a week.

Mary Olsen has read aloud every book in the junior school, is our first aide officer and regularly wins our cuddle award. She runs the junior room.

Raewin Boot is great at any game, offering support to all – no problem is too big or too small.She is superb at helping children with sports or woodwork. She does a lot of the outdoor supervision.

Marina Wylaars has an endless supply of boardgames and enthusiasm for science.

Blake Michell is an ex pupil who has previously taught at Tamariki and has a wealth of knowledge teaching the junior school while he taught at Curranbena which is an alternative school in Sydney.

Haley Elliott is our warm greeting to new visitors and our administrator.

and Mike Stockdale is our caretaker of all... grounds, buildings, students, teachers and parents (he makes a great cuppa).

...and we have the most wonderful bunch of people who clean (it can get VERY messy), who supervise in lunch hours, (it can be VERY messy) and who provide support with transport, and general dogsbodying (it can be VERY messy.)


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