Tamariki School

Red Door Room - Older students

The Red Door Room is set up for the older students in the school.

There is an expectation that older students will attend classes in the mornings to prepare themselves for the skills they need for highschool and life.

The older students are usually ready to make a commitment to regularly attend formal group classes in the morning. Not all students are ready for this commitment (please refer to our Special Character Philosophy .)The students have choice over their class attendance, however we do have the expectation that they need to prepare themselves for high school. This will be discussed with them either in an informal meeting(s), or if it is felt necessary with a formal meeting with their parent(s)/guardian.

This room is also regularly used for drawing, science, magic tournaments, and electronics.

There is a computer lab in the alcove off this room.

It has been our experience that older students who transfer to our school do not wish to focus on academic learning, and often try to pull our long term students away from their formal studies. Due to this we are reluctant to take on any older students unless they have been educated in a similar alternative schooling  environment. We review each child and family as an individual case.

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