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Staff Trustee Role

Tamariki School Board of Trustees

Staff Trustee Role Description



Intent and Purpose

To outline the general expectations of those elected as Staff Representative on the Board of Trustees


The Board recognises the importance of having a guideline to work from when becoming familiar with the role of Staff Rep and wishes to support them to understand and carry out their role.


The staff trustee fulfils legislative requirements relating to board composition. The role of the staff trustee is to bring a staff perspective to board decision making.


As a trustee the staff trustee has an obligation to serve the broader interests of the school and its students and has equal voice, vote, standing and accountabilities as all other trustees.




1. To work within the board’s Charter


2. To abide by the board’s governance and operational policies 


3. The staff trustee is first and foremost a trustee and must act in the best interests of the students at the school at all times.


4. The staff trustee is bound by the Trustee Code of Conduct


5. It is not expected that the staff trustee act as a union delegate


6. It is not necessary for the staff trustee to prepare a verbal or written report for the board unless specifically requested to from the board


7. This policy should be made available to all trustees on their election




Drafted 2014


Adopted September 2014


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