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First Aid






First Aid

Staff are encouraged to keep their knowledge of first aid procedures up to date. Courses are taken by at least 2 staff members at least every 2 years, including CPR training.

A First Aid Officer is appointed at the beginning of each year, with responsibility for First Aid administration and supplies.

When providing first aid, staff follow the procedures for dealing with blood and other body fluids.

Record the injury and any treatment in the first aid log. Parents are notified of moderate injuries and all head injuries.

First aid supplies are kept in the staffroom, and another supply in sunroom, along with a current first aid manual, a list of staff with current First Aid Certificates, and a list of student conditions.

Ice packs are kept in the kitchen freezer. First aid supplies are regularly checked, and restocked and updated as necessary.

Travelling first aid kits

The school maintains 2 travelling first aid kits which must be uplifted by any teacher taking a class on a visit away from school. Any items used during an outing should be recorded and the school administrator notified on return so that they can be replaced.


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