Tamariki School

Workplace Health and Safety

Tamariki School Board of Trustees
Workplace Health and Safety Policy
Intent and Purpose
To identify and provide for health and safety requirements in accordance with the Special Character of the school.
The Board of Trustees recognises its obligation to provide a safe and healthy physical and emotional workplace and learning environment. The board will ensure there are processes in place for the consulting, cooperating and coordinating of activities to ensure the safety of all workers.
The Board will take all practicable steps to ensure that employees are either sufficiently experienced and qualified to undertake their work in a safe manner, or otherwise supervised by an experienced person to ensure that any employee does not harm themselves while at work, or harm any other person while at work, including students, members of the public, or other visitors to the school.
Therefore, the principal must:
take all reasonable steps to protect students, staff and visitors to the school from unsafe or unhealthy conditions or practices
ensure that the staff code of conduct is implemented effectively
ensure there is zero tolerance to bullying and that there are effective processes in place
comply with the provisions of the Health and Safety in Employment Act 1992 and in particular the six due diligence obligations
provide a smoke free environment
ensure a risk analysis management system (RAMS) is carried out where and when appropriate
seek approval for all overnight stays/camps attesting first to their compliance with (4) above
consult with the community every two years regarding the health programme being delivered to students
advise the board chair of any emergency situations as soon as possible.
     10. Appoint a staff member annually to take responsibility for health and safety issues on a day to day basis, reporting to the Principal in the first instance on any potential or actual hazards. Significant hazards should be noted in the hazards register and school procedures for hazard identification followed.
Reviewed: March 2016
Review schedule: Triennially
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