Tamariki School

Parents in the school policy

The school is a community of parents, children and teachers (staff members). Children's concepts of, and awareness of their community are developed by exposure to all its members with their diverse values and expectations.
1.  To promote children's feelings of security.
2.  To help children perceive that their learning at school is an extension of their earlier/additional learning at home.
3.  To enrich the school environment by the presence and input of the parents and greater family and extended whanau.
4.  To enhance parent and staff understanding of each child.
5. To enhance parent understanding of the functioning of the school.
1.  Parents are welcome in the school at all times, and are not required to fill any particular role.
2.  The school prefers parents to stay with new entrants until the children are at ease with being left at the school.
3.  Pre-schoolers are welcome with their older siblings and parents, who must take full responsibility for their safety and well-being, and must ensure that any school equipment used is put away intact.
4.  Children and parents should have access to one another at need.
5.  Parents may help in any way that their talents and interests suggest, under the direction of staff.
6.  Parents should always use the structures of the school to resolve disputes and conflicts, especially those involving their own children, i.e. the request and meeting systems.
7.  Parents should respect children's need for privacy in their classes and activities.
8.  Parents should take care when present in the classroom that they are not adversely affecting classes, which can be so informal that a parent may not recognise them as such.
Reviewed and updated: 2017
Next Review date: Oct 2020
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