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New Parent talk

New Parent Talk - Administrator

The following information is a key-word reminder of what our school administrator will cover during your introduction talk. As our school functions in a different manner to other schools there are key elements which you need to know about to help you and your family slot into the Tamariki culture.

With Child and Parents

*Request and meeting system

Parent help in kitchen: 12-1:30.

No crockery/cutlery allowed out of kitchen.

Hot Drinks

No glass at school

No sitting on tables

Bikes and possessions at school

Children’s phone

Lockers and privacy

No birthday party invitations at school

Bring water bottle - water only

No sweets

Cleanup at 2:45pm

Swearing in school

Fire Drills

With Parents

2pm finish on Friday


Fees: dues and donations

Trips/Fees bank accounts

Ask if children are on waiting list at another school, explain how this affects us

Kitchen/cleaning jobs

End of term cleaning

Working Bees


Protocols for adults (Pg 24)

Don’t leave unsettled children

Car Park rules, give way to incoming traffic, children on footpath, disabled car park

Last day of term Kids Fair / party lunch

End of year Awards Ceremony

Alarms – in case of alarms please (go with any infants) to meeting place

School trips, Transport, Permission forms

School Camp

Change of clothes for little kids/ All kids on hot days

Sunhats: parent provides

Children’s arrangements

Year 7 & 8 shops

Head lice


* handouts:

  • Parent Handbook
  • Meeting system comic
  • Society notice

New Parent Talk -  Principal


  • Eight Points of Special Character
  • Classes with teachers
  • Story Park
  • Parent Teacher Interviews




*Special Character Statement – signature required





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