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Meeting Special Education Needs Policy (includes Gifted and Talented)

Tamariki School Board Of Trustees

Meeting Special Education Needs Policy

(includes Gifted and Talented)




Intent and Purpose

To meet the special education needs of Children at Tamariki School.


Historical and legal context

Under the Education Act 1989, all children have the right to enrol at their local school:

Equal rights to primary and secondary education

...people who have special educational needs (whether because of disability or otherwise) have the same rights to enrol and receive education at State schools as people who do not.

Education Act 1989



Learners with special education needs/disabilities have a range of impairments which affect their ability to learn and achieve at school. These include physical (eg, cerebral palsy), sensory (eg, blind/low vision and Deaf), cognitive (eg, Down Syndrome), psychosocial or behavioural issues, or a combination of these

Ministry of Education Supports and Services for Learners with Special Education Needs/Disabilities  April 2012

A gifted child is defined as a child who performs, or who has the ability to perform, at a level significantly beyond his or her chronologically aged peers.

The Tamariki School Special Character recognises the child as an individual and prioritises the social and emotional needs of all children. The Tamariki School Board of Trustees acknowledges that special education needs are fluid and may change throughout an individual Child's time at Tamariki School.



1. Systems and procedures will be documented and in place to identify and support the Special Education Needs of individual children at Tamariki School.

2. Assessments will include Teacher and Parental observations and other relevant professional recommendations.

3. The principles of the Tamariki School Special Character will be considered when developing strategies to support Special Education Needs.

4. Resources available within the school will be used to meet Special Education Needs.

5. When resources are identified as being insufficient to meet the Special Education Needs of an individual or group of children appropriate outside support will be accessed.

6. The board will receive a mid year report on the current staffing levels vs role numbers and student need

7. Current staffing levels and the needs of current students will be considered when enrolling children with high needs. *see enrolment policy/procedure

8. Record keeping will be done through the usual individual student tracking systems already established at Tamariki School.

9. The board will be informed of current systems and procedures in place to meet Special Education Needs.

10.       To provide support for their teachers to ensure that their students meet their potential.



The Board has a commitment to provide effective learning and a safe emotional environment for children with Special Education Needs.


Reviewed:  Sept 2018


To review Triennially in 2021


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