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To preserve the Special Character by ensuring all wh?nau of children accepted understand and support that Special Character, and to ensure the enrolment of any child is in the best interests of that child.  




  • To ensure that prospective wh?nau are aware of the Special Character and the day-to-day functioning of the School and by agreeing to support both, becoming preference applicants. 
  • To give wh?nau the opportunity to discuss and evaluate the School’s suitability for their children. 
  • To enable the Board of Trustees to fulfill its obligation regarding preservation of the Special Character of the School. 
  • To establish criteria and guidelines for acceptance of children onto the roll. 




  1. Tamariki School does not enrol non-preference Applicants. Preference applicants are wh?nau with a philosophical connection with the Special Character. This will be evidenced by: 


  1. The staff have had the opportunity to witness the child interacting with the students at School for a sustained period.  
  2. The wh?nau have read the Special Character Statement and have participated in an opportunity to ask questions.   
  3. The wh?nau have been interviewed by senior leadership to determine that the Special Character is understood and that they are in general agreement with it.    
  4. The parents have participated in the Wh?nau Introductory Talk and engaged in the process, asking relevant questions and discussing how the School operates, and indicating an openness to learn about the Special Character aspects of how the School operates, and the expectations for wh?nau e.g. to support the use of the meeting system. 


  1. Tamariki School does not progress applications from non-Preference wh?nau.  
  2. Should a wh?nau not be given Preference Applicant status, they will be advised as to the reason, and may request to be reassessed after six months. 
  3. No intake in Years 7 and 8 except for extreme pastoral reasons, and at the discretion of the Principal and Enrolment Committee. 
  4. Prospective wh?nau must have access to all relevant material on the nature of the School, including the Special Character Statement, the Constitution and By-laws of the Tamariki Society, and policies relevant to the philosophy of the School, The Bullying Prevention Policy and Protocols For Adults In The School Policy. 
  5. The child and at least one primary caregiver of the wh?nau must visit the School at least three times to be considered for a place on the roll. It is recommended that the visits are on consecutive days so that they can more easily observe the process of learning and activity at the School. 
  6. Prospective wh?nau shall be interviewed by the Principal, and by the Administrator together with a member of the Society, in order to establish their understanding of the philosophy and functioning of the School. The interviews will take place at School. A child cannot attend Tamariki until these interviews have taken place. 
  7. Children of wh?nau with an established connection to the School have priority of enrolment. This includes siblings of current or former pupils, children of former pupils, or relatives of those with a close, supportive relationship to the School. This is outlined in our Enrolment Procedure. 
  8. New entrants (Year 1) have priority, in order of formal application to enrol. 
  9. Acceptance of any child is the responsibility of the Principal, in consultation with the Enrolment Committee which consists of all Teaching staff. 
  10. The enrolment of any child with high needs is subject to the School being able to meet the child’s health and safety needs. 
  11. The School (Board and Proprietor) has the right and duty to support the refusal of admission to a wh?nau where there is reason to believe that the wh?nau do not support the Special Character of the School. Prospective wh?nau should take into consideration that some elements of the School’s Special Character are not state funded. 
  12. Re-enrolment after withdrawal of any child is not automatic. In the first instance a new application must be made to the Principal and Enrolment Committee, who shall consult with the Board of Trustees. All applications will be considered on an individual basis and consider whether the withdrawal occurred because of: 
  1. Wh?nau relocation for employment 
  2. Wh?nau philosophical difference 
  3. School recommendation 
  4. Child’s desire to try somewhere different. In this event the child is allowed a three-week trial period after which the place will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. This is not a guarantee and remains at the discretion of the Principal and the Enrolment Committee. In most circumstances the willingness of the School to re-enroll such a child would be limited to one trial of another School. 


The committee will also consider the best interests of the School and the child. Extended absences must be discussed with the Principal and Board. 






The Tamariki School Board of Trustees supports the enrolment of children and wh?nau who accept and understand the Special Character, and who can demonstrate commitment to the Special Character. 




Drafted Edwards, Cawston 1989.  


Published, Adopted 1990  


Reviewed 1993, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 




Reviewed and amended: 2015. 2017, 2020 










Abby Stowell, Board Chair 




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