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NAG 4 - Financial Policy


Board Statement


The Boards general policy is that it does not authorise the issue of credit cards and would only do so if there was an extremely strong case for such issue.

Due to our roll cap of 60 children, funding does not generally support the issue of credit cards.

While there is very little need to issue credit cards at Tamariki School, the Board agrees that it has a responsibility to ensure that any credit card issue and expenditure incurred by the School must clearly be linked to the business of the School.

The Board agrees that credit card issue should only occur in conjunction with and conducive to best financial practice.




The Board agrees that the development of a Credit Card Policy is essential to good financial management.

The purpose of the Credit Card Policy is to provide guidance in the event of a potential or perceived need for Credit or Debit Card issue.

The adoption of a policy on credit card use forms part of a robust financial framework.


Process for Issue of Credit Cards


  1. Credit card issue only occurs on rare occasions and must be justified.

  2. Credit cards should only be issued to staff members after being authorised by the Board.

  3. Consideration should be given to the best type of card for the circumstance (ie debit, credit etc)

  4. A register of cardholders will be maintained.

  5. The limits set for credit card use should not exceed the overall financial delegation of the cardholder, as set out in the Schedule of Delegations.  Any variations require Board approval.

6. The credit card limit is approved by the board  

7. Prior to the card being issued, the recipient must be given a copy of this policy and be required to sign it off to signify that they have read and understood it.


Procedures to be followed when Using a Card

  1. The credit card is not to be used for any personal expenditure.

  2. The credit card will only be used for:

  • payment of actual and reasonable travel, accommodation and meal expenses incurred on School business; or

  • purchase of goods where prior authorisation from the Board is given.

  1. All expenditure charged to the credit card should be supported by:

  • A credit card slip

  • A detailed invoice or receipt to confirm that the expenses are properly incurred on School business

  • For expenditure incurred in New Zealand of value greater than $50 (including GST) there should also be a GST invoice to support the GST input credit

  1. The debit/credit card statement should be certified by the cardholder as evidence of the validity of expenditure, and statements brought to the Board each meeting for verification.

  2. Authorisation for the expenditure should be obtained on a one-up basis (for example the Principal should authorise any travel by the Deputy Principal and the Board should authorise any travel by the Principal).  Cardholders are not allowed to approve their own expenditure.

  3. All purchases should be accounted for within 5 working days of receiving a credit card statement.

Cash Advances

  1. Cash advances from a credit card are not permitted except in an emergency.

  2. Where cash advances are taken, the cardholder must provide a full reconciliation, with receipts wherever possible, of how the cash was used.  Any unspent monies must be returned to the School.

Discretionary Benefits

  1. Any benefits of the credit card such as a membership awards programme are only to be used for the benefit of the School.  They should not be redeemed for personal use.

Cardholder Responsibilities

  1. The cardholder should never allow another person to use the card.

  2. The cardholder must protect the pin number of the card.

  3. The cardholder must only purchase within the credit limit applicable to the card.

  4. The cardholder must notify the credit card company and the school immediately if the card is lost or stolen.

  5. The credit card should not be used on the internet without prior Board approval.

  6. The cardholder must return the credit card to the School upon ceasing employment there or at any time upon request by the Board.


  1. When the Board approved this Policy it agreed that no variations of this Policy or amendments to it can be made except with the unanimous approval of the Board.

  2. As part of its approval the Board requires the Principal to circulate this policy to all staff, and for a copy to be included in the School Policy Manual, copies of which shall be available to all staff. The School policy manual shall also be made available to students and parents at their request. The Board requires that the Principal arrange for all new staff to be made familiar with this Policy and other policies approved by the Board.


Reviewed:15th August 2017


Review Schedule: Triennially


Signature Section for Prospective Cardholders

I have read and understood this policy and agree to abide by it.








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