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The Importance of Boredom

Giving children the opportunity to be bored, and to learn the creative skills necessary to overcome boredom, is an important life lesson which we value at Tamariki School.

In today's modern age where there are instant meals, instant entertainment, etc. children can come to expect instant solutions supplied by an outside person (extrinsic). At Tamariki School we value internal solutions (intrinsic) where the student learns how to create their own ideas, solutions, creative play, and broaden their ways of interacting with others and with the world.

There are many activities, sports, science equipment, and games for students to access at Tamariki, however even within this environment full of possibilities the students may go through a period of time where they say, "I'm bored."

The teachers may suggest some activities for the child to do, however if this learning is a developmental-phase for the student these suggestions will usually not satisfy them.

If the student is in this developmental phase we will give them the opportunity to solve their own problem.

Student: "I'm Bored!"

Teacher: "So what are you going to do about this?"

It can be hard for parents at this time - as their child may complain that they are bored, however it is important to see it as a stage and to encourage them to find their own solutions. The same student  just a few days prior to this phase may have been consistently occupied and never had a problem with finding activities.

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