Tamariki School

Attendance policy

It is in the interests of children to attend school to develop positive perceptions of learning, contribute to the life of the school and experience themselves as full and significant members of the community.
  1. To ensure that attendance patterns are monitored in positive and non-invasive manner.
  2. To respond appropriately to problems and difficulties in attendance
  1. Attendance at school will be monitored daily, and kept in a register
  2. Parents are asked to contact the School before 9.30am if their child is going to arrive later than 10 a.m. or going to be absent. This notification will be marked on a term chart for use in the event of a fire drill or other emergency.  (as requested in Parent’s Handbook).
  3. In the event of long-term absence, e.g. overseas travel, parents shall notify the Principal of the reason and duration of such an absence.
  4. The Principal, or nominee, will be responsible for ensuring that patterns of absence are identified and appropriately dealt with.
  5. The Principal, or nominee, will provide a truancy status report to the Board of Trustees of possible cases of truancy and the action taken by school staff.
  6. The School will liaise with other agencies to follow up consistent unexplained absences.  (Visiting teacher, CYPS, Youth Aid Officer)
  7. Sporadic attendance and persistent late arrival may interfere with all areas of the child’s learning. Especially for the older child, and staff should help parents to understand this.
  8. The school accepts that attendance for juniors should be governed by the parents’ perception of the child’s capacity to cope with the intensity of school life.
  9. The law requires that children attend school for two hours morning and afternoon from the age of six years and the Board accepts its obligations under the law.
REVIEWED and ADOPTED  27th June 2017
To be reviewed again June 2020. 
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