Tamariki School

Art Room - Whare Whakatoi.

The art room is open each day with acrylic paints in paint trays, a selection of brushes and drawing and colouring materials, and paper and card. Children can use these without supervision. Also there are assorted materials for construction and glue and string can be supplied.
Children can ask for other resources and some of these can also be used without supervision. Some activities need some supervision or full supervision, for safety or for taking care of materials.
Children are expected to take care with resources and tidy up afterwards.
Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons a Teacher is present to supervise and or guide.The teacher will often be able to respond to requests for a desired activity. Sometimes it is not possible to have multiple activities because of limits of the Teachers time or the space in the art room.
Examples of activities are: candle making, clay work-pottery, printmaking, water colour painting, wire sculpture, construction from junk materials, and collage.
Parents are welcome to offer activities and they can get support from a teacher to assemble materials and to offer the classes.
Of course art takes place all round the School in the rooms and also outside, for example hut building and in the sandpit.
Trips are undertaken to art galleries to view art and to Christchurch Art Gallery for tuition.
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